Shark Attack While Lionfish Hunting in Caribbean Caught on GoPro Cam (Video)

shark attack gopro cam

You may not have heard, but apparently there are too many lionfish in the Caribbean.  How many is too many, you ask?  According to the National Centers for Coastal Oceans Science, that number would be somewhere around 1,000 lionfish per square acre.  As a result, the Caribbean ecosystem has experienced a rather siginificant decline in the number of snappers, groupers, and other important species within the region.

In order to combat the problem posed by the dreaded lionfish, men like Jason Dimitri can often be found deep in the ocean waters hunting this invasive species.  It is an important task, and at times it can be a dangerous one as well.  Dimitri was reminded of that harsh reality during one of his deep sea culling excursions last week, when he had a close encounter with a Caribbean Reef Shark.

Fortunately for Dimitri, he was able to miraculously escape his shark attack in one piece.  And fortunately for us, it was all caught on his GoPro 3 camera.  You can check out the video below:

Hat Tip – [The Washington Post]

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