300-Pound Temple Football Recruit Can Run Ridiculously Fast (Video)

Freddie Booth-Lloyd Track Run

Freddie Booth-Lloyd is a recent recruit of the Temple University football team, and he’s got the 300 pound frame that will likely make him a solid defensive lineman. But, as a recently taken video proves, he also has a quality that most 300-pound (or even 200-pound) individuals don’t have: Serious speed.

Freddie Booth-Lloyd’s speed was demonstrated in a recent track run captured on Vine. I’m not sure what the circumstances of the run are, or whether he plans to run track during the football off-season at Temple. But what the video shows is that he could run track if he wanted to, which is pretty darn impressive all on its own.

UPDATE: It turns out this was a Temple University “Big Man Run,” in which various bigger athletes compete in a 100-yard dash. Freddie’s domination on the track is still very impressive.

You can watch 300-pound Temple University football recruit Freddie Booth-Lloyd’s incredible track run in the Vine below. When you watch it, remember that just because a guy weighs 300 pounds, doesn’t mean he can’t catch up to you surprisingly quickly—you never know when that information might save your life.



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