Perfect Game!!! 81-Year-Old Man Bowls his First 300 (Video)

81-Year-Old Bowls Perfect 300

Bowling is one of the few sports (if not the only one) in which true perfection is not only possible, but achieved on a pretty regular basis. But it’s still a huge deal when an 81-year-old bowler manages to score a perfect 300 game (and for the first time in his life, at that).

And best of all, when 81-year-old Ray Niedzwiecki rolled his perfect 300, his last three strikes were captured on video, so we can all experience a little sliver of his excitement. It’s enough to make you actually not terrified of the prospect of aging for a while.  After all, if this guy’s bowling game could keep improving until he’s 81, who knows what’s possible?

On that inspirational note, why not take a few minutes and watch 81-year-old Ray Niedzwiecki bowling a perfect 300 game with the support of a big crowd of people in the video below. It’s not the highest quality presentation in the world, and you do have to watch an 81-year-old man make three rolls, but the content of the video just about makes up for it.

Check it out:



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