Photo: George Washington Posterizes Kim Jong-un

George Washington Posterizes Kim Jong Eun

Sports are great, but they sometimes fall short of capturing the wonders of our national imagination in the kind of vivid detail that a good painting can. Take, for instance, the sentiment expressed in this painting from a Reddit user: even if the United States were to play basketball against a North Korean team, it’s unlikely that the game would hit the delirious heights of the father of our country himself dunking on Kim Jong-un as Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Stalin look on (interestingly, they both seem to be admiring George Washington‘s dunk, even though they’re presumably playing on opposing teams).

George Washington’s form is impeccable, and Kim Jong-un can only gape in horror as he gets brutally posterized not just by Washington, but by the very forces of freedom itself. It’s enough to bring a tear to you eye, even if it’s a tear of laughter.

You got a glimpse of George Washington’s greatest achievement since crossing the Delaware up above, but you should probably prepare yourself for the glory you’re about to witness below. I’d suggest a warm-up routine of old GI Joe episodes and Captain America comic book covers.

Let freedom ring:

George Washington Posterizes Kim Jong Eun


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