‘Happy Gilmore’ Gets 8-Bit Treatment by Cinefix (Video)

Happy Gilmore 8-Bit Cinema

It’s a given that Happy Gilmore is pretty much unarguably in the top tier of Adam Sandler movies, but there’s been one thing holding it back from true greatness: it was never turned into an 8-bit video game. Now, Cinefix has given us a look at what such a game might look like in their 8-Bit Cinema web video series.

With Happy Gilmore 8-Bit Cinema, you can relive all of your favorite Happy Gilmore moments, but in a way that will make you feel an added pang of nostalgia for the quarters and joysticks of your misspent youth.

If an 8-bit version of Adam Sandler’s masterpiece is something you need in your life, check out Happy Gilmore 8-Bit Cinema for yourself below. It’s not a real game yet, but it never hurts to have dreams in life, does it? And for more from Cinefix, including a bunch of other 8-Bit Cinema videos, head to their YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:



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