Rob Ford High-Stepping Is Hilarious (Video)

rob ford highstep

Here’s a breaking news story from Toronto City Hall: Mayor Rob Ford was captured high-stepping on camera, and it was hilarious.

The high-stepping was presumably for exercise, but I’m starting to suspect he did it because a camera was nearby, and he suffers from a terrible affliction that renders him unable to stop himself from doing something ridiculous in the presence of a video camera. Given that, he’s actually lucky they didn’t capture him falling or discussing his crack use.

It happened at City Hall in Toronto, in front of the camera of Steven D’Souza, a reporter for the city’s CBC News branch. After recording the high-stepping, Steven did the only reasonable thing and posted it to his Vine account, which means you can watch Rob Ford tip toeing through the tulips again and again and again.

To do just that, check out the video of Rob Ford high-stepping through his Toronto City Hall office below. And keep your eyes peeled for more Rob Ford hijinks, which are sure to happen soon, if they aren’t happening already.

Here’s the video:



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