Phil Martelli’s Copycat Grandson Provides Adorable Interview for TBS (Video)

Phil Martelli's Grandon Interview

A few days ago, we all watched the grandson of Saint Joseph’s coach Phil Martelli doing a pretty decent Phil Martelli impression from the stands throughout the A-10 final. But many people who watched the young impressionist were doubtlessly curious about his technique

“How does he do that?” and “what is he doing with his hands?” are probably just a few of the questions you asked yourself.

Now all those questions are answered, courtesy of an interview with little Philip Martelli on TBS that took place during yesterday’s NCAA Tournament contest between No. 10 St. Joseph’s and No. 7 UConn.  It was a short discussion, taking place during a break in the younger Martelli’s now-crucial performances during the game, but it reveals pretty much all of the child’s methods for imitating his grandfather.

Hawks fans and non-Hawks fans alike will probably enjoy watching young Philip Martelli discuss his fan rituals in the video below. Nice kid, but I don’t know if he has a future as a basketball coach.  He’s too adorable.

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