Referee and Goalie Join Hockey Brawl in the Stands (Video)

Ref Joins Hockey Fight

Hockey is infamous for the frequency and intensity of the fights that break out between players, but it’s rare even in this sport for the referees to get involved in the brawls.  After all, it’s generally the ref’s job to break them up, not make them worse. But at a recent Larry van Wieren Cup playoff game in the Netherlands, one referee (as well as a goalie) were the exception to that rule.

This particular fight was also unusual in that it started in the stands, between a 17-year-old in the crowd and a group of other fans. Then the kid’s father got involved, and things went downhill from there.

After that, referee Ramon Sterkens and goalie Michael Sterkens (who are brothers) intervened to help the father, who also happened to be their father (and yes, that means one of the refs had a brother playing in the game).

Was anybody at this hockey game not related to someone else at this hockey game?

Anyway, you can check out a short video of the hockey fan brawl, including the intervention of ref Ramon Sterkens and goalie Michael Sterkens, below.

Here’s the video:

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