PHOTO: Student Finds Simple Trick for Watching March Madness in Class

Watching March Madness In Class

Many educators frown on the idea of students looking at their phones for any reason, let alone to watch March Madness. But one unidentified student has been photographed with an elegant solution to this problem.

The photo comes from a Reddit user (who also must be pretty good at using his phone surreptitiously, since he was able to snap the picture in the first place), and shows a student with his phone pretty brazenly propped up on a windowsill so he can watch a game in plain sight. I imagine this method works pretty well until you start cheering and jumping up and down in the middle of a lecture on economics.

But you have to give this guy credit for the simplicity of his plan, and his execution of it.  After all, glancing out the window from time to time is a lot more natural than looking down in your lap, right? You already saw the photo up top, and you can check out the Reddit thread here (not during class, please).

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