Habs Fan Pays For Banging on the Glass (Video)

Hockey Fan Gets Knocked Over

When people refer to hockey as a “full-contact sport,” they generally don’t mean spectators, but one fan watching Thursday’s game between the Montreal Canadiens and Columbus Blue Jackets became an unwitting exception to that rule.

To be fair, the fan was pressed up against the glass and banging their hands against it, which is kind of obnoxious. And it also makes it pretty satisfying when a three-way collision between a few players, the glass, and the banger result in the banger getting knocked to the ground. It’s the kind of moment you don’t get to see very often, so you should appreciate it when you can.

You can do just that by checking out the video below, which helpfully replays footage of the enthusiastic glass banger getting smashed and knocked over several times, with a few reps in slow motion, just for good measure. Score another one for the good guys who don’t bang on the glass at hockey games.

Here’s the video:

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