AHL Player Crawls Across Pavement, Past Cops to Fight Opponent (Video)

Bobby Shea Crawling Under Cops

Emotions run very high during hockey games, so much so that fights breaking out are the rule rather than the exception. But even by hockey standards, the Rockford Ice Hogs’ Bobby Shea got a little nuts in a fight that broke out during a recent game against the Chicago Wolves.

It happened after Shea gave an iffy high hit to the Wolves’ Ty Rattie, which was followed by a couple of on-ice fights before the referees got involved in breaking things up.  About 99 times out of 100, that would have basically been the end of it, but Shea still had some slugs he wanted to score. So, while making his way to the dressing room, he actually got down on all fours and crawled across the concrete floor, past a group of cops, and attempted to fight Rattie.  Luckily those same officers were able to intervene before things got really ugly.

You can watch footage of the incident in the highlight reel below (it starts at the 14:55 mark):

I’m not positive but I don’t think I’ve ever been angry enough at someone to crawl through a group of police in order to fight them.

Unfortunately for Bobby Shea, consequences for his little evasive maneuver are pretty severe, as he’s been served with an eight-game suspension for his conduct.

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