Gay Man Says He Catfished Paul George, Received Naked Pics (NSFW Photos)

 Paul George pacers

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you much regarding the Paul George catfish saga (like whether it’s even true).  What we do know is that some gay man who calls himself Paul may have successfully goaded the Pacers’ star forward into sending him naked pics after pretending to be a thick white woman with a big booty.

According to BSO, Paul is known for sending these “trap pics” to male athletes and celebrities in an attempt to receive some racy pics in return, and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this ploy worked on Paul George.

If the pics below (via BSO) are any indication, that was likely the case.  These ones don’t contain any nudity, but there are some that do.  You can check out those extremely NSFW photos by visiting the catfisher’s Tumblr page.

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