University of Dayton President Crowd-Surfs After Victory Over Syracuse (Video)

Dayton President crowd surf

One of the many upsets in the NCAA Tournament this month was the University of Dayton coming out on top against Syracuse. And after the victory happened, the Dayton campus was reported to be erupting with excitement, culminating in Dayton’s president Dan Curran crowd-surfing over an excited student body.

I recently watched At Berkeley, a very lengthy and in-depth documentary about the inner workings of the University of California at Berkeley campus. And one thing I don’t remember seeing in that movie is the president of the university even coming close to doing any crowd-surfing, so this is one area that Dayton students can really be proud of—that, and the whole “beating Syracuse” thing.

As you might imagine, the University of Dayton campus was a madhouse as all this was going on, so there’s not a lot of good photos or video of it happening. But you can see a photo of the crowd-surfin’ college president above, courtesy of this Twitter account, and some shaky video of the event below.


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