This Awesome Badminton Rally Will Make You Respect Badminton (Video)

Badminton Rally Video

Badminton is one of those sports, like curling and tetherball, that everybody loves to make fun of, which is why it’s so cool to see people who have devoted their lives to being good at badminton and playing at the top of their games. That’s what you see in a video that was posted by the (aptly named) YouTube channel Badminton Highlights and Crazy Shots, showing an intense 30-second rally between two opposing badminton duos.

It isn’t so much the length of this badminton rally that makes it impressive.  Rather, it’s the pure intensity.

The shuttlecock (it’s called a shuttlecock, right?) gets smashed back in forth with such ferocity that it’s hard to believe it’s not some kind of special effect. It’s from a badminton championship match between Indonesia’s T. Ahmad and L. Natsir and China’s Zhang N. and Zhao YL, but further details are a bit scarce, or in a foreign language.

Luckily for us, athletic mastery like this is one of the universal languages, so you’ll have no trouble understanding what all the fuss is about when you watch the badminton rally video below

Check it out:

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