Dude Performs Nighttime BASE Jump From NYC Freedom Tower (Video)

NYC Freedom Tower BASE Jump

On the list of extreme sports, BASE jumping would have to be towards the top, in between shark hunting and lion streetfighting. But a couple of BASE jumpers have added an element of stealth to their game, which ups the danger level considerably.

The stealth comes from the fact that this particular BASE jump is from the top of the Freedom Tower in New York City—understandably, it’s not a locale that encourages extreme sports. It also happened in the middle of the night, which probably made it a little easier to slip through security, but a lot scarier once the time came to actually make the jump.  And, best of all, you can see exactly what I’m talking about because the guys who did it were also wearing GoPro cameras and uploaded the video to YouTube.

Despite the fact that BASE jumping from the top of New York City’s Freedom Tower is strictly prohibited, there is something kind of patriotic about the action. It’s like the BASE jumpers are saying “suck on this, terrorists.”

God bless America:



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