Watch Usain Bolt Daggering a Woman in Trinidad & Tobago (Video)

Usain Bolt Daggering

It looks like Usain Bolt can add “daggering” to his list of talents, as a video from last month shows the world’s fastest man doing some pretty impressive daggering while at a Carnival party in Trinidad & Tobago.

Daggering is a dance craze that originated in Jamaica, and according to Wikipedia, the worldwide spread of the craze has resulted in an increase of “broken penises,” so Usain Bolt must be fast and brave.

Photos and video of Bolt showing off his daggering skills on a few separate occasions have surfaced, so now we can see how he stacks up against the great daggerers of the world.  The photos are from the aforementioned Carnival party and you can see a couple of them (courtesy of TMZ) up at the top.

As for the video below , it was taken at the airport afterward. From what I can tell, the daggering at the airport was a much slower and more low-key affair than what went on at the party, which only makes sense.

Here’s the video:



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