Warren Buffett Promises Easier NCAA $1 Billion Challenge Next Year (Video)

Warrem Buffett March Madness Bracket Contest

This year, Warren Buffett held a contest that would award $1 billion to the person or people who registered a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket. Nobody won, which you’d think Buffett would be happy about.  But billionaires don’t have the same kinds of feelings as you or I might have, so he wants to make it easier.

Buffett, who apparently is just itching to give away a billion dollars, told Dan Patrick that next year’s contest will be easier to register for, and easier to win. He doesn’t state outright that the prize would still be a billion dollars, but wouldn’t it be kind of anticlimactic if it wasn’t?

So start working on strategy for your 2015 March Madness brackets now.  There might just be $1 billion of Warren Buffett’s money in it for you.

And Mr. Buffett, if you’re reading this, I’d be perfectly willing to take a billion dollars off of your hands. I’d even split it 50/50 with somebody else, if you want.



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