Minor League Baseball Teams Unveil ‘Star Wars’ Uniforms (Pics)

One of the cool things about Minor League Baseball is that everything is just a little bit looser than in the Major Leagues, and less formal. So if you want to start, say, wearing Star Wars themed uniforms on “Star Wars Night,” no one’s going to start crying about disrespecting America’s Pastime or anything like that.

And so, three Minor League teams recently unveiled their new Star Wars uniforms. They’re the Kane County Cougars, the Durham Bulls, and the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, and they’ll be paying homage to Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Darth Vader, respectively. I don’t know how they decided which character would adorn their uniforms, but that must have been a pretty interesting discussion.

You can see the Cougars rocking their wookie uniforms on May 2nd, while the Bulls and the Timber Rattlers won’t be putting on their Star Wars uniforms until May 4th.

You can check out a small preview of all three of the uniforms in the gallery up top.  May the force-out be with you.

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