Does Getting Hit With a Baseball Really Hurt?: A Korean Special Report (Video)

Korean report - getting hit by baseball hurt

Here in the Western Hemisphere, we like to think of ourselves as leading the world in the area of broadcast journalism. But I just watched a video that proves we’ve got a little bit of catching up to do compared to our friends in South Korea at the Korean Broadcasting System.

The video shows a reporter for KBS in a batting cage, holding a bat, speaking directly into the camera. Then, he stands at the plate and lets a ball nail him right in the leg. According to the description of the YouTube video, he does this in order to “show the audience how much getting hit by a pitch hurts.” If this is true, and there’s not some other explanation for this, then I don’t know if I can watch any other news channel ever again.

If you’re still a little curious about whether getting nailed by a fastball is physically painful, you can watch a dude get beaned in the thigh with a fastball via the video below.  Or check out the entire special report from the Korean Broadcasting System here.



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