Lance Stephenson Gets Ejected After Two Skirmishes with Dwyane Wade (Videos)

lance stephenson technical ejected

Last night’s Heat-Pacers game was extremely physical. Blood was shed, and cotton balls were shoved in noses.

Unfortunately, the officiating crew was not quite up to the task, as they pretty much blew two big calls that wound up getting one of Indiana’s star players ejected.

It all started midway through the third quarter. While Indiana’s Lance Stephenson was having words with Miami’s Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade decided to step in and give Stephenson a shove. Obviously that deserved a technical, and Wade got one. But for some reason, so did Stephenson.

Now fast forward to the fourth quarter. With about five minutes left in the game, Stephenson drove the lane and scored a big two points that gave the Pacers a four-point lead. After the play, he got up, turned around, and said something to Wade.

Was it taunting? Probably. Was it deserving of a technical? Maybe. But the refs didn’t make the call until D-Wade put up his whiny hands in protest. And that got Stephenson ejected.

I understand what the rules are. You get two technicals in one game, you get ejected. But come on, did this guy really do anything that bad?

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