Marc Gasol Dropped One of the Loudest F-Bombs You’ll Ever Hear Last Night (Video)

marc gasol f bomb

Given the number of microphones placed all around the court during an NBA telecast, it’s not exactly rare to hear an f-bomb or two during a game. And in most cases, when you hear one, you just shrug it off.

That wasn’t the case last night during the Grizzlies’ 91-87 win over the Jazz, however. While driving to the hoop, Marc Gasol took an elbow to the right side of his head that apparently didn’t feel very good, and he dropped an f-bomb you couldn’t quite shrug. Why? Because it was one of the loudest f-bombs you’ll ever hear. It cut through all the other sounds and went straight into the ears of impressionable young basketball fans watching at home.

Take a look:

Way to go, Marc. You just corrupted thousands of innocent youths with your carelessness. I’m going to write to the FCC and complain right now.



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