Thrilling Miami-Indiana Game Ends with Chris Bosh Airball (GIF + Video)

bosh airball

With the exception of the very last play of the game, last night’s battle between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat was one of the best we’ve seen in the NBA this year. Littered with technicals, flagrants, trash talk, ejections, and comebacks, this wasn’t just any old game on the schedule. It was a grudge match. And if it was indeed a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals, we’re all in for a real treat.

That last play, though. Yeah, that was unfortunate. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra probably wishes he could draw that one up again. Trailing 84-83 with two seconds left, Dwyane Wade inbounded the ball to LeBron James, who then dished it off to Chris Bosh. However, the Bostrich did not hit a game-winning jumper. Instead, he threw up a sad-looking airball.


Chris Bosh airball

Losing in a hard-fought game is tough. But losing it on an airball because your coach overthought the final play is even tougher.

To his credit, Spoelstra accepted the blame for the game-ending airball. “Unfortunately, that was what I diagrammed,” he told reporters. “It probably wasn’t the best call. It might have been a little too gunslinger on my part. I just wanted an open shot.”

LeBron didn’t have quite as much to say about it.

Of course, sometimes you can say more with fewer words.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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