Dog Watches Red Wings-Canadiens Game at Joe Louis Arena (Photo)

Dog At Red Wings Game

You see all kinds of people at hockey games: glass-bangers, fight-starters, the occasional smartass. But it’s pretty rare that you see a dog, especially one who seems as fixated on the game as the one in the above photo.

Judging from the photo, the dog also appears to have some pretty good seats, which might be a little disturbing depending on where you usually sit at hockey games.

The picture of the dog at last night’s game between the Red Wings and the Montreal Canadiens was taken by Dave Stubbs, who is a longtime photographer for the visiting team (you can check out his Tweet here).

As for the canine, it is most likely a service dog, but as far as this picture is concerned, the dog is just enjoying the game like everyone else. Hey, it’s Friday!  What more do you want?

Unfortunately for the Red Wings’ canine fan, his team ended up losing to the Canadiens by a score of 5-4. But hey, if you’re a dog at a hockey game, you’re pretty much always a winner, right?

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]



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