Guy Bowls 10 Consecutive Strikes … Backwards!!! (Video)

Backwards Bowler Andrew Cowen

Remember the Tom Green character “Backwards Man”? He could walk backwards as fast as you can, but I seriously doubt he could hold a candle to Andrew Cowen, an impressively-bearded resident of Rockford, Illinois, who managed to score a 280 game in bowling while throwing the ball backwards.

That 280 is the result of a strike in the first frame and a spare in the second, followed by 10 consecutive strikes—a feat that is pretty impressive under normal circumstances, and almost unbelievable here. Cowen’s reversed 280 bowling score is a world record according to RecordSetter here, and it’s also a marvel of backwards bowling technique.

If you’d like to try to unlock the secrets of that technique (I think this guy must be double-jointed or something), or if you just want to see something truly incredible, check out backwards bowler Andrew Cowen’s 10 consecutive strikes in the video below:

Hat Tip – [FTW]



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