Dennis Rodman Dressed Like a Punk Rock Drag Queen for a ‘Legends of Basketball’ Game in Argentina (Pics)

dennis rodman drag queen legends of basketball tour

Apparently NBA Hall of Famer and international affairs expert Dennis Rodman has decided to take a little break from his duties as self-appointed ambassador to North Korea, which is pretty sad news seeing as how it seemed like we were this close to brokering a truce with good old Kim Jong Un.

The bright side? Rodman has not removed himself from public life altogether, a la Shia Labeouf. Instead, he’s just shifted gears to focus on his old-man basketball career again—by which I mean he’s joined other former NBA stars like Gary Payton and Latrell Sprewell on some nonsense called the “Legends of Basketball Tour.”

Of course, as you probably know, in the second half of his career Rodman was known as much for his eccentric appearance—tattoos, piercings, tie-dyed hairdos—as he was for his rebounding prowess. Thus, that is a big part of his “legend,” and the guy really likes to play that up on the tour.

Case in point? This rather amusing drag queen getup Rodman sported at a recent Legends Tour stop in Argentina:

dennis rodman in drag

rodman drag

Of course, this is just the latest insane look Rodman has donned for the Legends tour. A few years ago, for a stop in China, he took the court looking like this.

Gotta love Dennis Rodman.

Hat Tip – [Sportando]

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