Watch This Interview With 15-Year-Old Michael Phelps (Video)

Michael Phelps 15 year old interview

When I was 15 years old, my major aspirations in life were to lose my virginity and get my driver’s license, both of which I eventually managed to accomplish thanks to the poor judgment of the other respective parties involved.

According to a recently unearthed video, when Michael Phelps was 15, he was excited about getting his driver’s license too (no comment on the virginity thing), but he also wanted to win a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics.

For most 15-year-olds, that would probably be a pretty lofty goal.  But even without the benefit of hindsight, it was probably considered fairly realistic in this instance, as Phelps had already qualified for one Olympics when this interview was given.

And with the benefit of hindsight?  Well, in that case this interview almost seems quaint, given the fact that Phelps went on to become the most decorated Olympic swimmer in the history of the sport.

With that in mind, you might want to take a couple minutes to watch the interview below with Michael Phelps, who had a deeper voice at 15-years-old than I currently do at the age of 26.

Check it out:

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