Despite Divorce, Tigers Couple Continues Their Opening Day Tradition (Video)

Divorced Couple at Tigers' Opening Day

There’s an old expression that goes something like this: “If you love something, let it go.  If it returns, it was meant to be, and if it doesn’t, keep going to baseball games together anyway.”

I never really knew what this saying meant, but I do now, thanks to a couple that was caught on camera during the Detroit Tigers’ Opening Day festivities yesterday.

The couple (I think their names are Tito and Alexandria, but the audio in the video is a little spotty), met at Comerica Park on Opening Day several years ago, and according to the story they gave Tigers reporter Shannon Hogan, they’ve continued to do so every year since, even though they’ve gone through a divorce.

Whether the story is true or just a prank, the result makes for a pretty hilarious and awkward interview either way. You can watch it for yourself below. And if you have an ex-wife or ex-husband out there somewhere, why not give them a call and take them to a ballgame?

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