MLB’s Opening Day Produces Some Pretty Spectacular Images (Gallery)


I’m pretty sure football is the most popular sport in America these days, which I guess makes it America’s real pastime. That being said, the NFL can’t hold a flame to MLB when is comes to the pageantry of Opening Day.

The cynic, of course, would say that all the hoopla that goes on at ballparks around the country on Opening Day is just a bunch of PR hype cooked up by smart people in suits who are trying to stir up sentimentality with Air Force flyovers and oversized American flags. And that’s probably true.

But the very fact that people eat this sh*t up is telling. Baseball fans like the pageantry of Opening Day because baseball fans are romantics. Are they therefore also delusional? Maybe. But the whole point of sports—I think—is to lose yourself a little bit and forget about real life for a while.

So I say bring on the delusions of grandeur. If nothing else, the pageantry of Opening Day makes for some really beautiful images. Just take a look at this selection from Opening Day 2014:

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