NBA2K and Make-A-Wish Team Up for 14-Year-Old’s Wish (Video)

Treyvon NBA2k Make a Wish

Treyvon Williams-King is 14-years-old and suffers from a hematologic disorder, making him a candidate for the Make-A-Wish Foundation‘s brand of magic. His wish was simply to visit the 2K Sports studios, but Make-A-Wish and 2K did him two or three better, arranging for him to be scanned and animated into the latest installment of NBA 2K.

That process involved Treyvon putting on one of those motion-capture suits and showing his stuff on a basketball court, before the 2K engineers created and delivered his video game fantasy alter-ego into his hands. It was a pretty awesome showing, even by Make-A-Wish’s standards, and Treyvon and his loved ones all seem really happy about it in the video below.

You can also see some of Treyvon’s visit to 2K Sports, and the process of rendering him in video game form, in the video from one of Make-A-Wish’s YouTube channels. It’s pretty cool, and will probably make you feel like you’re supporting a good cause when you buy the next NBA 2K game.

Here’s the video:

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