9 Worst MLB Opening Day Pitches

9 Worst MLB Opening Day Pitches don-baylor-catch-femer

How bad can a ceremonial first pitch be on Opening Day of the baseball season? Pretty bad. While some of the danger lies in a wayward or weak toss that makes the honoree look like a spazz, most of it is simply the risk of embarrassment.

After all, what other ceremony has such a high potential for failure and is based on something so physical? Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor don’t have to bench press 200 lbs to be recognized, but normally, the threat is just that of screwing it up.

HOWEVER, every so often, you’ll get a pitch so bad that it causes injury. And it’s not easy to find humor in that, because it’s normally some old person, and it makes us realize that getting old is hard.

Thankfully, most instances don’t lead to injury, just jokes and shame. And those are totally fine to laugh at. In fact, we insist you do.