Dwight Howard Makes April Fool’s Day Crack About LeBron James’ Hairline

Dwight Howard joke

Sometimes, when it comes to April Fool’s Day jokes, context is everything. Take, for example, the meme pictured below. On its own, this sort of shoddy joke about LeBron James‘ hairline isn’t particularly funny, but since it was posted by Dwight Howard on Instagram, it takes on a bit more humorous power.

The fact that Dwight Howard was also self-effacing in presenting the joke to his Instagram followers also helps things.  In his caption, he writes “I’m losing my hairline. But I thought this was funny,” which just goes to show he’s got a sense of humor about himself as well.  It kind of makes you want to like Dwight Howard just a little bit, doesn’t it?….Yeah, probably not.

Anyway, you can take a look at Dwight Howard’s April Fool’s Day Instagram joke about LeBron James’ infamous hairline below. And for more jokes about LeBron’s hair, just log onto Twitter or Instagram at any time of the day or night.




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