POV Video: Navy SEALs “Leap Frog” Team Parachutes Into Petco Park on Opening Night

Navy SEALs Leap Frogs parachute into Petco Park

Sunday night, at the San Diego Padres’ home opener, fans were treated to the incredible sight of the Navy SEALs “Leap Frog” parachute team doing what they do best—jumping from an airplane into Petco Park.  However, fans at the game and watching on television weren’t able to experience it from the best possible perspective, which is what this new video allows you to do.

Even if you’re suffering from a case of GoPro fatigue (easy to do these days), you’ll probably be pretty impressed with what these Navy SEALs were able to capture on their journey from the airplane to the Padres game. Having watched it, I don’t feel like I’m a member of the Navy SEALs “Leap Frog” team, but I do feel like I could probably fake it at a party.

Perhaps you’ll feel the same way once you watch the video below. It’s about 2 minutes and 44 seconds long, so if you’ve got the time to spare, it might be worth your while.

Here’s the video:

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