Will Ferrell Shares His ‘Masters Thoughts’ (Video)

Will Ferrell Masters Thoughts

The 2014 Masters stars a week from today, which means there’s more than enough time to let comedian Will Ferrell completely overhaul the entire enterprise. And now we can actually get an idea of what that would be like, thanks to a new video from Golf.com and Homewood Suites.

The video is called Masters Thoughts (well, actually, the onscreen title is Master Thoughts, but I think that might be a typo), and it owes a little bit to the old Saturday Night Live “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey” sketches.

It’s mostly just Ferrell riffing through various pieces of Masters lore, like the Eisenhower Tree and longtime Masters commentator Jim Nantz. Also, Randy Jackson gets mentioned twice for some reason.

You can see Will Ferrell sharing his Masters musings in the video below. And since the video ends with the information that Ferrell is appearing for charitable organization Cancer for College, you might want to give their website a visit.

Here’s the video:



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