Look at This Ridiculous Dunk from Michigan State’s Adreian Payne at the College Basketball Slam Dunk Contest (GIF)

adreian payne slam dunk contest

Michigan State senior Adreian Payne didn’t win the college basketball slam dunk contest last night. He finished third behind Eastern Kentucky’s Marcus Lewis and Baylor’s Cory Jefferson.

However, if the contest wasn’t a progressive round by round affair, and instead awarded the title to whoever threw down the best dunk of the night, Payne would be the king. All the 6’10” 240-pound forward did for his first attempt of the evening was throw down a ridiculous, awe-inspiring 360º double-clutch dunk.

See for yourself:

adreian payne slam dunk contest

Yeah, I guess that’s okay…if you like dazzling displays of power and athleticism from super-sized humans.

If you don’t, then maybe you’ll enjoy Payne’s awesome post-dunk celebration:

adreian payne slam dunk contest bowling celebration

Like I said, this guy kind of stole the show. Though don’t get me wrong—Marcus Lewis wasn’t half bad, either:

Makes the NBA slam dunk contest look like amateur hour, doesn’t it?



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