Cards’ Matt Adams Shoves Reds Fan, Gets Flipped Off (Video)

Fan Flipping Off Matt Adams

In most situations, if you get shoved, it’s considered a negative event or something to be avoided. But in the case of this fan of the Cincinnati Reds, the time he got shoved by Matt Adams of the St. Louis Cardinals will probably be a point of pride for years and decades to come.

That’s because the fan earned his shove in the best possible way: By making a clean catch over the opposing player and saving his team from an out.

This catch was so clean, in fact, that Adams seems to be shoving the fan out of mutually respectful irritation rather than annoyance at him for interfering. Whether or not the middle finger that follows is of a similar tone, I’ll let you, the viewer, decide.

Speaking of viewing, you can do just that by checking out the Vine of the incident below. Not only did this guy get to flip off a player on the other team, but he got to do it on TV, too!

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]



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