Even When the Chicago Cubs Win They’re a Disaster (GIFs)

cubs junior lake wrong jersey

Like the headline there says, even when the Chicago Cubs win they’re a disaster.

Yesterday the baby bears were in Pittsburgh playing the Pirates, and although they managed to avoid a season-opening sweep with a 3-2 win, they could not avoid making asses of themselves on two separate occasions.

The first offense came courtesy of 24-year-old left fielder Junior Lake. He apparently didn’t get the memo that the team would be taking the field in their new alternate road jerseys yesterday, so he took the field wearing the regular road jersey.

Now, in Lake’s defense, the Cubs were the road team, which means he was sitting in the dugout in the wrong jersey for a whole half inning before taking the field, and apparently either no one noticed or no one told him because they thought it was funny. But still…

junior lake wrong cubs jersey

As for the second offense, well, that was more of a team effort.

You probably already know that MLB has eliminated home plate collisions this season in an effort to protect catchers from injury. However, the new restrictions only apply to intentional collisions from players on opposing teams. They do nothing to protect a catcher from his own teammates.

Enter Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop, who absolutely bulldozed catcher John Baker going for a popped up bunt:

cubs catcher and pitcher collide

So yeah, right now, this is what the Cubs look like when they win. Should be an interesting year for the North Siders, huh?

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