Milan Lucic Owns Trash-Talking Leafs Fan, Asks Him “What Happened Last Year?” (GIF)

milan lucic chirps at leafs fan what happened last year

Leafs fans do not have much to cheer about right now, let alone trash talk. The richest, most valuable franchise in hockey hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967. Hell, they hadn’t even made the playoffs in almost a decade until last year—and then, in the first round, they took the Boston Bruins to seven games, built a three goal lead midway through the third period, and still managed to lose the game.

Recently things have been just as bad. Looking like a solid playoff team in early March, the Leafs went on an abysmal eight-game losing streak that now has them sitting ninth in the Eastern Conference. Sure, they beat Calgary on Tuesday, and last night they actually managed to (barely) beat the Boston Bruins—the hottest team in the NHL—but they’re still in bad shape, and fans are really in no position to talk trash anyone.

And yet, midway through the second period last night, with Toronto enjoying a two goal lead, one Leafs fan found the gumption to chirp at Boston’s Milan Lucic while he was sitting in the sin bin.

Of course, it turns out Lucic wasn’t in the mood for idiocy, so he chirped right back:

Milan Lucic trash talk Leafs fan

I’m not a lip reading expert, but I’m pretty sure Lucic asked the fan, “What happened last year?” And sure enough, the Leafs would go on to blow that two goal lead before redeeming themselves with a goal in overtime.

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