Nick Collison Takes Elbow to the Head , Bleeds Everywhere (Video)

Nick Collison bloody

Sometimes a random YouTube user sums up an event so perfectly with his or her video upload title that you can’t help but use their words to describe it. In this case, it’s “Nick Collison takes elbow to the head , bleeds everywhere,” which is a completely accurate description of what took place during last night’s game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs.

There must have been a little bit of time between the initial impact and the copious blood flow, since it takes the refs a second or so to stop the game. At that point, it became clear that the Thunder’s Nick Collison was bleeding a bit more than is considered appropriate in polite company.

If you can stand the sight of a little (or a lot of) blood, you might want to check out the video of Nick Collison getting elbowed in the head and bleeding all over the place. If not, you probably shouldn’t even be reading this.

And incidentally, the Thunder ended up beating the Spurs and shattering their 19-game winning streak, so Collison didn’t bleed in vain.

Here’s the video:



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