Bruce Lee Will Be a Playable Fighter in New ‘EA Sports UFC’ Video Game

bruce lee game of death

For the last several weeks, EA Sports has been teasing a secret bonus fighter for their upcoming EA Sports UFC video game, giving clues as to who the mystery mixed martial artist might be.

First they said he never fought in the UFC. Then they said he’d be playable in four different weight classes. Then they said he was born in the United States. And then, finally, they tweeted this:

bruce lee clue ea sports ufc video game

At that point, the cat was unofficially out of the bag. Any serious fan of martial arts movies recognized this as the outfit martial arts legend Bruce Lee wore in the film Game of Death. However, EA was still planning to make an official announcement today—presumably with some modicum of fanfare.

Unfortunately, some GameStop stores jumped the gun a bit. They put up in-store promotional materials yesterday that pretty much removed all doubt.

bruce lee ufc ea sports video game

So yes, if you pre-order the first ever UFC video game produced by EA Sports, you can beat the crap out of Jon Bones Jones, Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen and 97 other UFC fighters with the man UFC president Dana White has called “the father of mixed martial arts.”

Pretty awesome, right?

Hat Tip – [IGN]

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