13 Greatest David Letterman Sports Moments

best david letterman sports moments

Last week, late night talk show legend David Letterman announced that, after 35 years on the air, he will retire some time in 2015.

There are a lot of young people out there who probably have no idea what kind of impact Letterman has had on late night television. To them he’s just one of the many people being funny on TV after 11PM, and he doesn’t seem particularly unique. However, when Letterman got started, he was unique. There was nobody on TV like him. The guy broke the mold with his quirky, ironic, and irreverent take on the talk show, and he inspired a whole generation of comics.

Of course, it just so happens that Dave is a pretty huge sports fan, and some of his greatest segments of all-time involve sports in one way or another. So today, in honor of his impending retirement, we’re going to present you with the 13 greatest Letterman sports moments. Some clips are fairly recent, while others are practically ancient. However, they are all classic Letterman, and they will all make you just a little bit sad for the end of an era.

Take a look…


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