Kentucky Wildcats Fan Does Some Celebratory Stripping in a Bar (Photo)

Kentucky Fan Strips

On Saturday, the Kentucky Wildcats won against Wisconsin and paved their way to the National Championship game—where they will take on UConn—much to the excitement of Kentucky fans all over the country.

Included among those excited Wildcats fans is the woman in the photo above, who was caught on camera by CBS Sports’ Erin Sharoni showing off her loyalty to the University of Kentucky in the sexiest way possible.

Here’s the tweet in question:

What’s the point of buying Kentucky underwear if you don’t show them off every once in a while at a bar in front of prominent sports reporters with cell phone cameras, right?

That must have been close to this lady’s thought process, and it’s sort of difficult to dispute her. I can’t help but wonder what she’ll do if the Wildcats win the championship tonight—and I hope someone’s there to photograph it.




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