Nick Cannon Gets Booed Relentlessly by Knicks Fans (Video)

Knicks fans boo Nick Cannon

We now have some firsthand evidence of at least three things that New York Knicks fans do not like. They are, in no particular order, America’s Got Talent, time-wasting publicity stunts during basketball games, and Nick Cannon.

That’s because those three things had the misfortune of coinciding during a recent Knicks game, and worst of all, the fans were supposed to be playing along.

Apparently, Cannon was supposed to fake one of those “million dollar” trick shots, and the crowd was supposed to go wild. Instead, they booed him as he explained the bit, booed the other guy when he explained the bit, and continued to boo until Nick Cannon was on his plane back to Hollywood.

If you ever wanted to feel sorry for Nick Cannon, here’s your chance. You can watch the video of Knicks fans eviscerating him with relentless booing below:



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