Richard Sherman Is Trolling Michael Crabtree in Autographs of His NFC Championship Deflection

sorry crabtree richard sherman autograph

If you were concerned that Richard Sherman had mellowed out too much following his controversial post-game rant against Michael Crabtree, the image above ought to ease your fears.

That above image is a photo of Sherman’s now-famous tipped pass that led to the game-clinching interception in the waning moments of the 2014 NFC Championship Game. It’s the play that led Sherman to vehemently proclaim to Erin Andrews that Crabtree is a “sorry receiver,” which in turn persuaded every last person not from Seattle to become a huge Denver Broncos fan ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Of course, a few days after the controversial outburst, Sherman said he regretted it. Then he said a bunch of other thoughtful things that helped quell the furor raging against him ever-so-slightly.

Now, though, it seems Sherman is embracing the controversy again by autographing photos of the catch with the tagline, “Sorry Crabtree.”

Technically, the rules of the English language allow for three different interpretations of this autograph. You could take it either as a sincere apology to Crabtree for the outburst, an insincere apology for denying him the game-winning touchdown and a trip to the Super Bowl, or a reference to the fact that Sherman called Crabtree a “sorry receiver.”

That being said, if you really think this autograph is meant to serve as a sincere apology, you’re an idiot. This is obviously a case of  Sherman taking a rather routine piece of memorabilia and making it more interesting.

Hopefully it doesn’t hurt Crabtree’s feelings.

Hat Tip – [@SportsCenter]


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