Rob Ford Was at the Maple Leafs Game on Saturday, Causing a Commotion (Video)

rob ford at leafs game

Today the entire world knows Rob Ford as the corpulent crack-smoking mayor of Toronto. However, before the whole crack thing came to light, and even before he was the mayor, the people of Toronto knew he had a passion for sports…and getting totally wasted.

You see, back in 2006, while still just a Toronto city counsellor, Ford got ejected from a Toronto Maple Leafs game when he got sloshed and started hurling obscenities at other fans. At the time it made news, but it wasn’t that big of a deal because people were like, “hey, it’s not like this guy’s ever going to be our mayor or anything!”

Of course, these days things are different. When Rob Ford goes to a sporting event now it’s a three ring circus…and that brings me to Saturday night’s Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Obviously, Ford was there. Some reports on social media said he was drinking and/or drunk, though we cannot confirm that. Other reports on social media said he got ejected from the Leafs game again, which we know for a fact is not true. Ford did not get ejected.

However, he did get belligerent when security guards denied him entrance into the exclusive “Director’s Lounge” at the ACC, and we know this because hundreds of people saw it, and because the Toronto Star reported it, and because there’s video.

Check it out:

So why couldn’t the Mayor of Toronto get into the VIP lounge at the Leafs game? He said it was because he voted against a stadium proposal put forth by the team’s ownership group, Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment. But who knows. It could have been because the Leafs are tired of other teams making fun of them. All we know for sure is that, after getting denied entry, he left the game to hit up a night club. Because, hey, the mayor likes to party.

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