Artist Rebrands Jerseys of Sixteen College Basketball Teams (Gallery)

A Canadian artist by the name Dead Dilly decided to do a little bit more with his Sweet Sixteen March Madness picks than just put them on a bracket. Instead, he “rebranded” every team on his Sweet Sixteen bracket, for a series of new renderings he calls “Rebrand the Sweet Sixteen.”

“Rebrand the Sweet Sixteen” imagines a world where the NCAA is free to cash in on sweet licensing and endorsement deals.  As a result, the new jerseys feature partnerships with companies like Marvel, Jordan Brand, Warner Brothers, Supreme, and more. And unlike in the real world, where such a scenario would probably result in designs that are ugly, boring, and offensive, most of these “brands” are actually pretty cool.

You can see some of Dead Dilly’s Rebrand the Sweet Sixteen project in the gallery up at the top of this page. And to see all sixteen of the newly rebranded teams, just head here.




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