Here’s a GIF of George W. Bush (Possibly) Farting at the National Championship Game (GIF)

george w. bush fart national championship game

George W. Bush doesn’t get out in public much any more. Since 2008, when The Decider wrapped up his second term as the greatest/worst president in history (depending on who you talk to), it seems like he’s barely left his Texas ranch. Every once in a while he’ll pop out and make a public appearance, but for the most part he just hangs out at home, clearing brush and driving around in his pickup truck.

It was a real treat, therefore, to see old Dubya at the NCAA Championship Game last night in Arlington, hangin’ out with Bill Clinton, shootin’ the sh*t, and making hilarious facial expressions…

Now, some might say this can’t possibly be a GIF of George W. Bush letting one rip, because if he had really just farted, Bill would have reacted.

However, Dubya could have told Bill that he knew all along there were no WMDs in Iraq and Bill wouldn’t have noticed. He was too busy scoping out the hot blonde chick in front of him with his peripheral vision.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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