Shirtless Pittsburgh Pirates Fans Were Doing New WWE Champion Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” Chant (GIF + Video)

daniel bryan yes chant wrestlemania

On Sunday night at WrestleMania 30, Daniel Bryan became the new WWE champion by beating Triple H and then Batista in the main event.

So who’s responsible for this outcome? Well, technically it’s the WWE. They write the scripts, and they decide who gets to be champion.

However, they were just giving the fans the outcome they want. And the WWE knew the fans wanted Bryan to win thanks to this scene from Pittsburgh:

pirates fans do daniel bryant yes chant

That would be a bunch of shirtless (and drunk?) Pirates fans cheering on their team with Daniel Bryan’s famous “YES!” chant in the 16th inning of last Thursday’s extra inning marathon against the Chicago Cubs.

Here is what it looks like when Bryan does it:

When baseball fans are referencing a WWE wrestler with their drunken cheers, you know that man’s time has come.

The WWE listened, and they gave Bryan the belt.

Hat Tip – [Cut 4]

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