Watch Rock ‘N’ Roll Umpire Will Little Avoid a Fair Ball in the Coolest Way (GIF)

Umpire Jumps Over Ball, Makes Call In Air

Umpires often get a rough time in the public eye for being uptight, out of touch, and sometimes visually impaired. But Will Little, who was working yesterday’s game between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles, managed to score a substantial amount of cool points for his umpire brethren.

Little, in the best example of umpire style since The Naked Gun, jumped over a ground ball that was on a crash course with his third base vantage point. But he didn’t just jump over the ball and avoid it.  He also made the call while he was still in the air.

If you saw it in a movie, you probably wouldn’t believe it, but it happened in real life.

It’s the kind of thing that you have to watch in slow motion, which you can do via the animated GIF below. And for more from Will Little, you can just watch … oh, who am I kidding? He will probably never do anything this cool during a game again.

Check it out:


Hat Tip – [SB Nation]


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