Atlanta Braves Set American Flag on Fire at Home Opener (Pic)

American flag turner field

See that photo above? That’s Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves. If you look closely, out in center field, above the giant video board, you’ll see the American flag.

Here’s what it looks like up close:


Now, there’s nothing special about this particular American flag. It’s not unusually large, and as far as I know it’s not made from the bandages of wounded veteran, or anything like that. So why do I bring it up?

Because last night the Braves set their American flag on fire. It was an accident, of course. It was the Braves’ home opener. There were fireworks. And…well, you get the idea.


Look guys, the Supreme Court of the United States may have upheld your right to burn the American flag as a form of symbolic political speech, but it’s still bad PR. Maybe next time don’t detonate the pyrotechnics quite so close to the Star Spangled Banner, okay?

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]

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