Batkid Throws Out Ceremonial First Pitch at Giants’ Home Opener (Video)

Batkid ceremonial first pitch

You might have forgotten about the Batkid, but the Batkid hasn’t forgotten about you.

In fact, 5-year-old Miles Scott is still prowling the mean streets of San Francisco, looking for wrongs to make right. Or, in this case, Giants’ ceremonial first pitches to make right, which also falls under the Batkid duty umbrella.

In typical Batkid style prior to the Giants’ home opener against the Diamondbacks on Tuesday, Miles Scott rode up in his own Batmobile before climbing out, straightening his mask, and giving the crowd a triumphant fist pump. Then he threw the ceremonial first pitch, and everybody cheered. The whole thing is enough to melt even the most hardened super-criminal’s heart (as evidenced by the fact that none of them tried to mess with Batkid during his moment in the spotlight).

You can watch Batkid throwing out the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants’ 2014 home opener at AT&T Park below. And just like that, Batkid disappears into the late afternoon:



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